Dialog script examples

Alan AI Studio comes with a set of predefined dialog scripts. You can add these scripts to your project at any time and use them as examples of conversation flows that you can create with Alan AI.

To add a predefined script, in the left pane of your Alan AI Studio project, click Add script and select the scripts you want to add.


Some of examples like Jeopardy game have their data distributed between several scripts. To see how they work, you need to add the whole set of scripts to the project.

Beside viewing the code of predefined scripts in Alan AI Studio and testing them in the Debugging Chat, you can check how these scripts work when run in a real app. To do this, you need to install Alan AI Playground for iOS or Android and select the necessary example app in it.

Playground examples

Alan AI Playground offers the following examples:


Survey: A chatbot to take conduct customer survey and get user feedback about the product.


Bitcoin: An AI assistant to get information about the Bitcoin price from the external server.


Calculator: A chatbot that allows making mathematical calculations with voice.


News: A news app that allows listening to the headlines of the latest news on a specific topic.


CRM: An AI assistant that allows getting the latest data on account opportunities.


Small Talk: A simple chatbot that can engage in a simple small talk.


Weather: A weather forecast chatbot.


Jeopardy: A chatbot that allows playing the Jeopardy game.


Translation: A voice bot for translating words and phrases to different languages.