Getting started

Want to create an in-app voice assistant?
Follow the steps below to get started with the Alan Platform.

1. Create an Alan Studio account

Sign up for Alan Studio, Alan’s web-based IDE, to create a voice assistant project, test the dialog and customize your voice assistant.

Sign up for Alan Studio


2. Write a voice script

In Alan Studio, write a voice script. Voice scripts describe the structure of the dialog with the user, or the expected conversation scenario.

Get started swiftly:

3. Integrate a voice assistant with your app

Alan offers SDKs for different platforms to embed a voice assistant to your app. Select your platform to learn about integration details. Upon integration, you’ll see a small draggable voice button on top of the app’s UI.



Apache Cordova
React Native
Microsoft Power Apps

To build a multimodal UX with voice commands working in sync with the app’s visuals, use Alan Client API methods and Alan handlers.

4. Analyze and iterate

Alan provides you with advanced conversational analytics and success metrics through its Logs and Analytics View. Use these tools to:

  • Gain insight into the users’ experience

  • Analyze their behavior and flows

  • Identify unhandled requests

  • Optimize the voice assistant effectiveness


Still have questions?

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