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Alan Electron Framework

Available on Web platform.

The Alan button can be added into your Electron application as a javascript library or NPM module.


  1. Install the @alan-ai/alan-sdk-web package and include the following script tag in the index.html page:

    $ npm install @alan-ai/alan-sdk-web --save
    <script src="node_modules/@alan-ai/alan-sdk-web/dist/alan_lib.min.js"></script>

    Or just add the alan_lib.js library to your index.html page:

    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
  2. Add the Alan button in the index.html:

    		onCommand: (commandData) => {
    			if (commandData.command === 'go:back') {
    				// Call the client code that will react to the received command

    For details, see Alan button parameters.

Integration example

See an example of the Electron app with the Alan button here.