Versions and environments

To update your AI assistant in an organized way and control the release process, you can use versions and environments in Alan AI Studio.

Script versions

If a dialog script goes through many iterations, you can create multiple script versions in Alan AI Studio. A script version is a copy of the script made at a particular point in time. Script versions are immutable: once created, they cannot be modified.

To create a script version:

  1. In Alan AI Studio, open the AI assistant project.

  2. At the top of the code editor, click Save as New Version.

  3. In the Version name field, specify the name for the created version.

  4. (Optional) To run the script version in the Test or Production environment, enable the Run on Testing and/or Run on Production option.

  5. Click Save.


You can manage script versions in the following way:

  • To edit the version name, open the versions list, hover over the necessary version and to the right, click the edit icon. Then rename the script version.

  • To delete a script version, open the versions list, hover over the necessary version and to the right, click the delete icon.

  • To roll back to a specific script version, in the versions list, select the necessary version and click Save to Last Version to the right.

  • To compare two script versions, at the top of the code editor, click Compare and select the script versions to compare.


  • If you have multiple scripts in the project, operations with script versions affect all project scripts. For example, if you delete a script version for one script, the same version will be deleted for other scripts, too.

  • You cannot delete a script version running in the Production environment.


Alan AI Studio offers three different environments to develop, test and run your script:

  • The Development environment allows you to work on the dialog script, fix bugs and add new features to the script

  • The Testing environment can be used to test your AI assistant

  • The Production environment can be used to roll out the finalized script version to production

You can deploy different script versions to different environments. To do this:

  1. In Alan AI Studio, at the top of the code editor, select the environment in which you want to run a script version.

  2. In the versions list to the right, select the script version.

  3. At the top of the code editor, click Integrations.

  4. In the Alan SDK Key field, check the last segment of the key value. It will refer to the environment you have selected.

  5. In the Embed Code Example section, click Copy to copy the code for the Alan AI button.

  6. Embed the copied code to the application to be run in the necessary environment.