Appointment scheduling app (React)

With the Appointment scheduling app, you can effortlessly schedule a doctor’s appointment with just your voice. You can use it to:

  • View the list of doctors

  • Check the doctor availability

  • Pick up the date and time that works for you

and much more!


App demo

The Appointment scheduling app is live: you can play with a demo app.

App source code

The app source code is available on Alan AI GitHub. To use the code example:

  1. Clone the repository to your computer.

  2. Navigate to the appointment-frontend folder.

  3. In the appointment-frontend root folder, rename the .env-example file to the .env file.

  4. Replace the REACT_APP_ALAN_KEY value with your Alan SDK key in following format: KEY=VALUE.

  5. Run npm run build.

  6. Navigate to the appointment-backend folder.

  7. In appointment-backend folder, rename the .env-example file to the .env file.

  8. Replace the MONGO_URL value with your Alan Studio key in following format: KEY=VALUE.

Where to find the code?

To understand how the in-app assistant works, refer to the following files:

  • appointment-frontend/src/mainComponents/alanContainer.js: here you can find the code for the Alan button component added to the app.

  • scripts/Appointment.js: here you can find the dialog script for the Appointment scheduling app.