Testing and debugging

Testing and debugging are crucial to building a production quality in-app assistant. You need to make sure the conversation flow covers all usage scenarios, correct replies are given and the necessary tasks are completed when intents are matched. The Alan Platform offers several tools and methods to test and debug your in-app assistant:

  • Debugging Chat: use the chat to the right of Alan Studio to check how separate voice commands or short conversational branches work.

  • Tools to simulate in-app behavior: use these tools to thoroughly test the in-app assistant functionality in Alan Studio.

  • Test View: switch to the Test View in Alan Studio to create test cases covering all required dialog scenarios and run them repeatedly against new versions of dialog scripts.

  • Alan Studio logs: use the logs pane at the bottom of Alan Studio to see system messages from the Alan Platform along with custom messages written with the console.log function.

  • In-app testing: connect to the virtual assistant project from your mobile device to test the assistant functionality in the app.