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Script testing

Debug chat

You can write and test your scripts in Alan Studio using the Debugging Chat on the right side of the screen with text or voice input:

test chat

Every message bubble in the chat has a link to the line number in the source code where each command or response was derived.

Mobile device connect

To test how Alan works inside a mobile application (Alan should already be embedded to use this feature):

  1. Click on the QR button in the Debugging Chat in Alan Studio. You will see a QR code in the chat.
  2. In your mobile application, tap and hold the Alan button for 5 seconds. It will open the camera to scan the QR code.
  3. Scan the QR code in the Alan Studio Debugging Chat. You will see a Mobile device connected message in the Debugging Chat.

qr code

Now the voice session on your mobile application is connected to your Alan Studio Project. You can use the commands in your Project in your mobile application and will see the commands you use and their responses in the Debugging Chat as well as the logs.

Test mode

If you want to write tests for your script or even use TDD methodology, you can switch to Test mode using the toggle in the top right corner of Alan Studio:

test mode

Here you can plan and test different conversational flows for your project.


You can expand the log window on the bottom part of Alan Studio:


Here you can see logs and conversation messages in your dialog sessions.