Add voice to your app

Alan Platform unlocks the power of your App with Voice

Alan Platform unlocks the power of your App with Voice

Deliver on productivity

Just open your app and talk to it to get information, make orders, and complete workflows.

Work handsfree

Voice makes everything in your app accessible, creating a safer working environment.

Onboard with zero training

Users can just ask what to do in any situation and get answers with voice.

Alan Platform Solutions

Transformation with voice.

Retail Operations

Field Maintenance

Public Safety

Voice AI Platform

The Alan Platform makes it easy to add the power of Voice and Artificial Intelligence for daily tasks.

Works in your existing app UI

Voice enables all of your app's existing funtionality

Supports any workflow

Leverages visual and conversational context

Go live in days

Adding voice to your app with Alan takes days, not weeks or months.
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