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Conversational Voice AI Platform

Add a Voice Assistant to your application

Why you need a voice assistant in your app

  • Give users an engaging experience with a conversational interface
  • Help users right when they need it
  • Provide personalized guidance throughout the experience

Alan Platform provides an AI backend for your application to create conversational experiences

Recognizes user context

Learns your App’s UI to support any conversation or workflow

Works with any Domain

Trains on your App’s unique vocabulary automatically

Easily innovate and iterate

Alan Studio has a set of tools for defining and analyzing conversational flows to quickly improve
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Voice assistants offer immense benefits and enhance any application's user experience

E-commerce: Increase checkout conversions and customer satisfaction

00:55Jul 13, 2020

User Onboarding: Prevent first time user drop-offs and give users guidance

01:22Dec 29, 2019

Healthcare: Provide personalized and scalable at home care

01:32Mar 6, 2020

Transform your Apps with Conversational Voice