Script concepts

The Alan Voice AI Platform provides a framework for fast and easy development and deployment of voice UX for any app. To design a dialog for your in-app assistant, you need to create voice scripts using JavaScript in Alan Studio.

Alan augments the standard JavaScript and offers predefined functions and objects to create visual voice experiences. To get started with voice scripts, see the following sections:

To get reference information about all functions and objects that you can use in voice scripts, see the API reference.

Multiple scripts in the project

You can add as many scripts to the project as you need. If your project comprises several scripts, the scripts are loaded in the order of their placement in the script panel in Alan Studio. Upper scripts are loaded first. Please keep it in mind when defining the logic for your in-app assistant.


To share data in a project with several scripts, you can use the project global object. For details, see Predefined script objects.