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Setting up cohorts

By default, settings that you configure for the Alan button are applicable to all users interacting with your voice assistant. If you need to define custom settings for a group of users, you can set up cohorts in Alan Studio.

A cohort is a user group to which a specific configuration of the Alan button applies. You can use cohorts for restricted deployment scenarios. For example, you can make your voice assistant available to a limited group of users for testing purposes, before you deploy it for widespread use. Or you may want to configure custom settings like accent for customers in specific locations.

Initially, Alan places all users to the default cohort. You can set up as many custom cohorts as you need. A custom cohort may be linked with a specific location, for example, a district, city or geographic area, and can have a limited number of users. Users who match the criteria of a custom cohort are moved from the default cohort to the custom cohort. Correspondingly, all settings configured for this cohort are applied to them.

The cohort functionality is available in the Premium Pro plan and higher. For details on switching between billing plans, see Billing.

You can perform the following operations to set up cohorts in Alan Studio:

Creating cohorts

To set up a cohort:

  1. At the top of the code editor in Alan Studio, click Integrations.
  2. To the right of the Default cohort tab, click Add / Edit cohort.
  3. In the Cohort name field, enter a name for the cohort. You can provide any name you want.
  4. If you want to restrict the number of users in the cohort, set the Limit the number of users toggle to the On position and in the Max users field, specify the number of users. Settings configured for the cohort will be applied to those users who launch your app first. For example, if you set the cohort size to 10 users, the 11th user launching the app will see the settings configured for the default cohort.

    The Current users field displays the threshold set for the cohort and the number of users already added to it.

  5. If you want to link the cohort with a location, in the Specify location section, set the toggle to the On position and in the field below, start typing the location name. You can add as many locations as you need.

    Make sure you define locations wisely. Avoid situations when the same group of users belongs to different cohorts, for example, to a cohort linked with a city and to a cohort linked with a country.

You can edit and delete cohorts:

  • To edit a cohort, in the Integrations view, click Add / Edit cohort, in the left pane, select the cohort and edit its settings as required.
  • To delete a cohort, in the left pane of the Cohort details view, to the right of the cohort name, click the options icon and select Delete.

Configuring settings for cohorts

The Alan button settings are configured separately for cohorts. For example, you can enable the Alan button only for some cohorts, change the voice type or accent for user groups in some locations and so on.

To configure the settings for a cohort, click the cohort tab and use the options section to define the necessary behavior for the Alan button.