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Alan Playground

Alan Playground can be used to test your voice assistant for Web, iOS, or Android. To test for mobile, you can download the Alan Playground application here for iOS and here for Android. In the mobile apps, you can use the QR code scanner to download your project and test it.

Playground for Testing

  1. To start, open the project you want to test in Alan Studio and press the Playground button:
  2. You will see a screen similar to one below containing a QR code and basic information about your script.
  3. Open the Alan Playground application and click on the "Scan" button. Then, hold your phone up to the QR code, and scan.

    The QR scanner will only work for QR codes directly from the Playground screen, and will not work on screenshots of the QR code.

  4. A window will open in your Playground application which will help you test the voice script.
  5. Tap the Alan button, and begin using voice commands! Once you have tested your script, you can repeat the process with any updated script.

Playground Scripts

Alternatively, you can experiment with the premade scripts on the Alan Playground mobile application, such as CRM and the Weather application. Each of these applications provide basic services and utilize script functionalities detailed in the Build and Test Guide.

Many of these scripts have premade widgets with visuals that accompany the voice experience. Stay tuned for upcoming updates on implementing your own custom widgets!