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Client object

With Alan's client object, you can get general information about users interacting with the voice assistant:

  • Approximate user's location
  • Interactions statistics for the user

In the example below, Alan writes to Alan logs information about every user interacting with the voice assistant and user events.

onUserEvent((p, e)=> {
    console.log(e, p.client);  

Client object data

The client object provides the following user data:

    geoLoc: {
        city: 'Sunnyvale',
        continent: 'North America',
        country: 'United States',
        lat: 37.3479,
        lon: -122.0351,
        source: 'ip-address'
    ip: '',
    stats: {
        interactions: 0,
        lastConnectTs: 1617975166387,
        lastInteractionTs: 0,
        recognized: 0,
        unrecognized: 0
    timeZone: 'America/Los_Angeles'
Field name Data type Description
city String User’s city
continent String User’s continent
lat Float Latitude of the user’s position
lon Float Longitude of the user’s position
source String Data source
ip String User’s IP address
interactions Integer Number of interactions with the user
lastConnectTs Integer Timestamp of the last connection to the voice assistant
lastInteractionTs Integer Timestamp of the last interaction with the voice assistant
recognized Integer Number of recognized user’s interactions
unrecognized Integer Number of unrecognized user’s interactions
timeZone String User’s time zone