Integration code examples

To integrate a client app with Alan AI, you typically need to install the Alan AI SDK, add the package dependency and a block of code for the Alan AI button to your app. You can find a detailed description of the integration procedure for every supported platform in the Alan AI SDKs section of this documentation.

Viewing integration examples in Alan AI Studio

If you need to get a brief integration overview with code examples, you can also check the Integrations section of Alan AI Studio.

  1. In Alan AI Studio, at the top of the code editor, click Integrations.

  2. At the top of the view, select the platform: Web, iOS or Android.

  3. In the Embed Code Example section, click the tab for the framework or language you need. The left pane of the section lists the main integration steps. The right pane contains code examples for these steps. To switch between simple and advanced integration examples, use the Simple Example/Advanced Example button at the top of the left pane.


The Embed Code Example section provides only the integration summary. To get a detailed description, in the top right corner of the section, click the link to the Alan AI documentation.