Question answering

With Alan AI’s Q&A service, you can quickly build an AI-powered Q&A assistant that will leverage your data sources, both static and dynamic, to address user queries. The Q&A service employs a combination of question answering, semantic search and code generation by AI to automatically deliver relevant responses and maintain multi-turn contextual conversations.

The Q&A service can be helpful if you already have a pool of information that you want to use to:

  • Handle user requests

  • Offer 24/7 automated support

  • Onboard new customers and employees

  • Provide instructions, training and so on

The Q&A service is a low-code solution that enables you to build a Q&A AI assistant with minimal coding. It only requires you to specify your data sources and a few parameters. Once configured, the Q&A service automatically crawls the data sources and ingests the information from them to create a private knowledge memory for your AI assistant, which is then used to converse with users.

When building a Q&A AI assistant, you can combine diverse types of data sources. The Q&A service accepts the following data formats:

  • Web pages

  • Plain text

  • PDF

  • JSON data

Alan Al provides several tools to build a Q&A AI assistant:

Static corpus

Learn how to use static data sources to build a Q&A AI assistant

Dynamic corpus

Learn how to use dynamic data to build a Q&A AI assistant

Corpus Explorer

Learn how to review and examine what data sources and content your Q&A AI assistant utilizes to converse with users.