Projects dashboard

The projects dashboard in Alan Studio provides at-a-glance information about all voice assistants created on your account. With the top performance metrics and easy-to-read charts presented in one place, you can get transparency across your projects and track conversational data in real time.

Analytics widgets

The dashboard is displayed as you log in to Alan Studio. Each widget in the dashboard provides data for a separate voice assistant project. While viewing the conversational data, you can:

  • Switch between environments: click the Dev, Test or Prod tab in the widget. For more details about Alan environments, see Versions and environments.

  • Switch between views: use the list in the left part of the chart to select the necessary view:

    • Interactions & Recognized

    • Session & Mic Time

    • Users & Sessions

    • User Cities

    You can also switch between the views with the carousel controls under the chart.

  • Select the reporting period: in the right part of the chart, select the necessary time span:

    • 1 Day

    • 2 Days

    • 1 Week

    • 1 Month