Alan AI Platform

Alan AI is a comprehensive AI platform that allows you to create generative AI assistants. The platform comprises a set of tools and components for designing, embedding and hosting AI assistants in your apps.

Alan AI Studio

Alan AI Studio is a web IDE that allows developers to write dialog scripts for their AI assistants. Alan AI Studio offers a suite of tools for script building, testing, and deploying AI assistants, including:

Alan AI SDKs

Alan AI SDKs can let you integrate the AI assistant into your apps and websites. Alan AI provides SDKs for several platforms and frameworks:

Once you integrate your AI assistant with the Alan AI SDK, you will see a small draggable button on top of the app’s UI. The Alan AI button allows users to bring up the Alan AI Chat, start and end dialog sessions and indicates the processing state.

After integration, you will not need to rebuild or modify your app. If you need to enhance your AI assistant, simply update the dialog script in Alan AI Studio. All changes will be applied in real time, without the need for users to restart their apps.

Alan AI Cloud

The Alan AI Cloud is Alan AI’s backend powered by the latest AI advancements, including LLMs, generative AI and semantic search technologies. In the Cloud, Alan AI provisions and manages the infrastructure needed to keep your AI assistants running and execute all data processing activities.

Alan AI provides several deployment options:

  • SaaS

  • Private cloud

  • On premises

The Alan AI’s infrastructure is highly scalable. It can scale to millions of users as your needs expand. Alan AI automatically provisions the resources required to support the appropriate workloads.