Project API

You can use the project API if you need to send information from the client app to the voice script or want to perform some logic without a voice command from the user. For example, you may want Alan to play a message, call a function or set variable values when the user performs certain activities in the app UI.

To use the project API, you need to define a project API method with an arbitrary name in the voice script. In the example below, the setClientData method is defined:

Voice script
 projectAPI.setClientData = function(p, param, callback) { =;

The defined project API method must then be called in the client app with callProjectApi(). callProjectApi() takes the following arguments:

  • Name of the project API method defined in the voice script

  • Data to be sent to the voice script

  • Callback that needs to be invoked from the project API method

Client app
 alanBtnInstance.callProjectApi("setClientData", {value:"your data"}, function (error, result){
     // handle error and result here

Let’s assume we want Alan to play the Thank you for your feedback! phrase when the user clicks a button in the app and send the feedback value to the voice script. We can add the following project API method to the voice script:

Voice script
 projectAPI.sendFeedback = function(p, param, callback) { =;
     console.log(;'Thank you for your feedback!');
     callback(null, 'Feedback is received by Alan');

On the client app side, we will call the defined sendFeedback method with callProjectApi:

Client app
<button type="button" onclick="userFeedback()">Submit</button>

function userFeedback() {
    alanBtnInstance.callProjectApi("sendFeedback", {
        "data": "User's feedback"
    }, function(error, result) {
        if (error) {

Now, when the user clicks the button, the sendFeedback method is called. The method sends the User's feedback value to the voice script that is saved to the variable on the script side and written to Alan logs. Alan then plays: Thank you for your feedback!

In the client app, the result value specified for the callback: Feedback is received by Alan is logged to the console.


You can test project API methods defined in the voice script directly in Alan Studio. For details, see Testing project API methods.