How Alan works

Alan is an advanced Voice AI Platform that allows you to add a multimodal interface to your app without overhead.

Alan is an end-to-end conversational AI platform to build robust and reliable in-app assistants and chatbots. There is no need to create spoken language models, train the speech recognition software, deploy and host voice components — the Alan AI backend does the bulk of work. With Alan, a voice experience for your app can be built and developed by a single developer, rather than a team of Machine Learning and Dev Ops experts.

Alan lets you go beyond the capabilities of touch and type interfaces and voice enable any complex workflow or function in your app. Voice scripts are written in JavaScript, which makes them highly customizable and flexible.

Multimodal interfaces created with Alan are built once and deployed anywhere — you will not have to rebuild them for specific platforms. Alan offers lightweight SDKs to integrate with:

If you need to make changes to the multimodal interface, you can push these changes without having to release a new app version. Due to Alan’s serverless environment, any change to the multimodal interface is made available to users instantly.

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