iOS tutorials

Use these tutorials to quickly voice enable apps written in Swift:

Building a voice assistant for an iOS app

Learn how create a voice assistant for an iOS Swift app from scratch and write simple voice commands.

Navigating between views (iOS)

Learn how to send commands to an iOS Swift app, handle commands on the app side and navigate between views with voice.

Passing the app state to the dialog script (iOS)

Learn how to pass the app state from an iOS Swift app to the dialog script with visualState, access the data passed with visualState in the dialog script and filter intents by the app state.

Highlighing items with voice (iOS)

Learn how to go through the list of items with voice and highlight the current item in the app UI.

Triggering dialog script actions without commands (iOS)

Learn how to make the AI assistant provide detailed information about an item selected in the app UI without giving a voice command.

Playing a greeting in an app (iOS)

Learn how to make the AI assistant play a greeting to the user when the app is launched.