Exporting and importing scripts

With the export and import options, you can export voice scripts from Alan Studio to store them externally or later upload them to the same or another project on your account.

Exporting scripts

You can export a script from the project in Alan Studio, for example, if you want to save some script version locally.

To export scripts from the Alan project:

  1. In Alan Studio, open the project from which you want to export scripts.

  2. In the left pane, select a script.

  3. At the bottom of the left pane, click Export. Alan will save a ZIP archive to the default downloads location on your computer. The archive will contain all scripts you have in the project.


Importing scripts

If you have an external file with a voice script, you can import it to work with it in Alan Studio. For example, you may want to import voice scripts that you exported from Alan Studio previously.

To import voice scripts to Alan Studio:

  1. In Alan Studio, open the project to which you want to import scripts.

  2. Drag one or more voice script files and drop them onto the Import button at the bottom left of Alan Studio. You can also click the Import button and select one or more files to be imported. Alan supports import of the following file types:

    • JS files

    • ZIP archives with voice scripts (JS files)


If an imported script has the same name as a script already added to the project, you can choose to replace the existing script or add the imported script as a copy.