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Make your App smarter with Actionable AI

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Improves Patient Engagement

Make your App smarter with Actionable AI

Improves Patient Engagement
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What's Actionable AI?

Create a great User Experience for your App with Actionable AI
Actionable AI enables a natural conversational text or AI Assistant, semantic search, data integration, and personalized experiences for your app. With its natural language processing capabilities, it simplifies the interaction and takes actions within the software.

It embraces a ChatGPT-like experience by learning from user behavior and private data sources, making it a transformative tool for driving innovation and growth while improving the user experience.
Intuitive Chat interface leveraging GUI
Reduce operational time by up to 60% with natural language interface.
Semantic Search
Save 50% of search time with predictive semantic search technology.
ChatGPT like experience for your App
Experience human-like interactions that take actions within your apps in just 100ms.
Integration with your data
Improve data search efficiency by up to 40% with integrations with your data.

Why Alan AI?

Alan AI is an actionable AI platform that offers easy integration into any website or mobile app. It's designed to support enterprise-grade deployments and provides robust security and privacy features. With customizable dialogue flows, sentiment analysis, and automatic speech recognition, Alan AI enables developers to create engaging and personalized conversational experiences for their users while reducing development time and costs.
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AI to streamline user engagement and operations.
Engage users in any language.
Robust security and compliance features to keep data safe.
Integration with any app or web application 
Rich analytics and super-fast iteration

Loved by 45K+ developers

Check out how to offer immense benefits and enhance user experience in any app
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How Alan Works

03:05Mar 29, 2022
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Iterate Fast and Release Often with Alan AI

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Alan AI - AI assistant for Enterprise Applications

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The complete Actionable AI Platform

With Alan, you get all the tools you need in one place. Empower your developers to build, test and deploy AI Assistants in no time.
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Developer-friendly suite of tools

Alan AI Studio, a simple but powerful IDE, is tailored to the challenges of AI Assistant design. Write and test conversational scenarios, maintain dialog versions and publish the results to a sandbox or the production environment. Focus on bigger things and let Alan take care of the rest.
Alan AI Studio documentation →

Instant integration for any platform

With lightweight Alan AI SDKs, you can target any mobile and web application. Design your AI assistant once and deploy it to Web, iOS, Android, and cross-platform solutions: Flutter, React Native, React, Apache Cordova, Ionic.
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Advanced conversational analytics

Alan captures key data points such as users' utterances, frequency of use and session length to let you see how customers interact with an AI assistant in your app. Leverage this data to understand users' behavior and flows, identify unhandled voice commands and optimize the AI assistant effectiveness.
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