Integration overview

With the Alan AI SDK, you can integrate Alan AI with any app built with:

Upon integration, your app gets the AI agent that can be activated with the Alan button displayed on top of the app’s UI. The users can interact with the AI agent by giving the voice commands defined in the script of your Alan Studio project.

To enable communication between Alan AI and the app and let you implement conversational experience functionality on the client side, Alan AI exposes its methods and handlers.

Client API methods

Enable communication between the client app and Alan AI and allow triggering activities on the client side.

onCommand handler

Handle commands sent from the dialog scripts to the app. Use this handler to perform tasks or actions on commands in the client app: navigate between the app screens, highlight a UI element on the screen and so on.

onButtonState handler

Handle the Alan AI button state change events

onConnectionStatus handler

Handle the connection status to the AI agent project in the Alan AI Cloud.

onEvent handler

Handle events received from Alan AI when the user’s input is being recognized.