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Getting started

Want to create a voice assistant for your app? Follow the steps below to get started with Alan.

1. Sign up for Alan Studio

Sign up for Alan Studio or sign in if you are already registered. Alan Studio is where you will create dialogs, or voice scripts, for your assistants.

To get started with Alan Studio, watch this walkthrough:

These resources can also be helpful to let you understand how Alan works:

2. Create a voice script

In Alan Studio, write a voice script. Voice scripts describe the structure of the dialog with the user, or the expected conversation scenario.

Use the links below to learn how you can build the script:

  Example scripts

In Alan Studio, select predefined voice assistants to see how voice scripts can be organized. Start with 'Hello World'.

  Server API

Learn what Alan functionality you can use to create a script for your voice assistant in Alan Studio.

3. Integrate your voice assistant into your app

Bring voice to your app. Use the links below to learn how you can integrate apps on different platforms with Alan.

  GitHub projects

Review our public projects on GitHub and check example apps to get an idea on how voice assistants work in client apps.

  Client API

Learn what methods of the Alan button you can use on the client app side once you integrate with Alan.

Alan offers SDKs for different platforms to let you build the Alan voice into your app. Select your platform to learn about integration details.




Still have questions?

Check additional materials and try our tutorials.


Follow step-by-step instructions on how to perform the most common tasks with Alan.

What's next?

After you integrate your app with Alan, you may find these topics, tools and resources useful:

  Alan Playground

Learn how to use Alan Playground on iOS and Android to test voice scripts and check Alan examples.

  Alan button options

Learn how to customize the Alan button to fit your app needs.

  Alan AI YouTube channel

Watch Alan's videos on YouTube or check out the Video resources section in documentation.

  Alan AI Slack Community

For support, join the Alan Slack community.

If you encounter a bug, have a question or want to submit a feature request, you can also go to Alan GitHub, select the necessary Alan SDK, navigate the Issues section and create an issue there.