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Getting started

With these steps, you'll learn how to use the Alan Platform to add a Conversational Voice Experience to your application:

  1. Start by watching the Alan Studio Walkthrough

  2. Sign up for Alan Studio. Or Sign In if you are already registered.
  3. Review our public projects on Github here and tutorials for adding Voice Experience. Starter tutorial: adding voice to a web application Advanced tutorial: Food Delivery complete application tutorial.
  4. Review the guides on how to use different features that Alan Platform provides:

  5. Check API references for client and server-side.
  6. SDKs to integrate Alan into your application:

Additional resources

  1. Designing for Voice UX article: Voice User Experience Patterns for existing Application UI
  2. Supported Platforms
  3. You can use Alan Playground to demo your projects and try out some of our examples:

  4. Videos of use cases of voice interfaces in existing applications are available on the Alan AI YouTube channel.
  5. For Support, join the Alan AI Slack Community.