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Alan AI aggregates conversational stats across all dialogs. Gain an in-depth understanding of your audience, their behaviors and interactions and improve conversational experiences with ease.

Get all data in one place

No more switching between tools - Alan AI provides an in-depth overview of all your conversation stats and data in a single screen. Streamline data analysis and make faster decisions with Alan AI.

Enhance a user experience

We collect numerous conversational metrics and patterns to let you dive deep into user engagement, sentiment and preferences. Utilize data-driven insights to refine conversational style and better align it with customer expectations.

Analyze data in different formats

With Alan AI, you get conversational stats in various formats, including voice and text inputs, recorded audio and screenshots. Gain a comprehensive understanding of user interactions with your AI agent, instantly.

Swiftly address unhandled requests

You can analyze every phrase and quickly discover all unhandled requests. Improve the conversational experience in seconds by spotting gaps, refining responses and designing more accurate and helpful interactions.

Maintain the privacy of user data

With Alan AI, preserving user privacy is paramount. We employ data anonymization to protect user identities and personal information and maintain the highest possible security and privacy standards.

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What you get with
Alan AI Analytics?


Learn about your AI agent's efficiency and how well it handles and matches user commands.

Dialog sessions

Monitor dialog sessions and interactions and keep track of user engagement with your AI agent.


Understand the geographic distribution of your user base to guide localization efforts, content customization and marketing strategies.

Detailed dialog

Obtain a detailed breakdown of user-AI interactions to identify areas for improvement and the quality of dialogues.

Conversation transcript

Get transcripts for all dialogues, allowing your to review and filter interactions based on recognition accuracy, user inputs and more.

Pattern flow analysis

Obtain a visual representation of user behavior during conversations to identify trends, bottlenecks and successful interaction patterns.


The Alan Al Studio is so innovative that we are amazed by the developer-friendly tools and how easy it is to train the Al agent. We tried several different Al technologies in the market, however, we found Alan Al to be the best among them. They are not only the best technology provider but also have a dedicated team, including customer success engineers, to help the Al be integrated successfully into the app. It was a great pleasure to be able to explore their solution, we would like to collaborate with them in the future on other projects.

Nazat Chowdhury

Save the Children

MediKarma is a first-of-a-kind wellness app that uses AI to guide its users through their customized wellness journey created from thousands of data points in their EHR and smart wearables. For MediKarma, Alan AI is not only an easy-to-use AI agent, but it is also THE voice extension of our very own JILL, an artificial intelligence Avatar guiding each MediKarma user through his/her unique wellness journey. As such, we needed a precise platform, but most importantly, a flexible, dynamic, and scalable one… all elements that made Alan AI the perfect partner!

Kris Narayan


Onshore operators can now work with improved effectiveness and safety in the field with their touchless mobile applications. Intelligent AI Agents have simplified onboarding of our new operators and continues to strengthen the safety culture and enhance our operational effectiveness.

Rajesh Satewar

Murphy Oil Corp

It was amazingly simple to use the Alan AI Platform to create and deploy an intelligent AI Agent for our app. After deployment we were able to rapidly iterate on the AI Agent without having to update the app.

Axel Schoth


With Alan, we were able to create an intelligent AI Agent for the Murphy Oil app and go live in just one week, now a finalist for the SAP Innovation Award. We chose Alan because the platform let us integrate voice directly into the app’s UI workflows and handles industry domain language accurately. No other technology on the market addresses this.

Ritesh Menon

Incture Technologies

I was able to add the business logic for the app and build a demo within a few days. There’s no way I would’ve been as quick and effective in creating an AI Agent with Alexa. I love the Alan AI Studio IDE and being able to push to production with just a button click.

Alon Raskin


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