Boost accuracy with context-aware AI

Alan AI leverages various contextual layers, such as app, user, industry and dialog context. Empower your app with context-aware AI to improve understanding and provide precise, personalized responses.

Leverage the app’s visuals

Alan AI literally translates on-screen data into meaningful context. Enable your AI agent to respond in ways that exactly match the visuals of your app, thereby increasing user satisfaction.

Grasp the user’s context

Alan AI comprehends the user context, including aspects such as location and time. There's no need to provide extra information as your AI agent's responses are always consistent, relevant and helpful.

Tap into industry AI expertise

Alan AI's models are fine-tuned to comprehend and generate content specific to your industry and domain. They receive extensive training to offer accurate responses in your business, whether healthcare, financial or legal.

Keep the conversation going

Chatbots often lack continuity, unable to recall previous dialogs or preferences. Alan AI retains the context of the conversation and incorporates knowledge from earlier interactions into its responses.

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Context awareness:
Alan AI difference


Contextual understanding enhances clarity and minimizes the risk of misinterpretation and errors.


Alan AI responses are adapted to meet the particular requirements and preferences of specific users.

Continuity of interaction

Alan AI maintains context throughout a conversation, ensuring seamless and coherent interactions.

Minimal human

Context-aware AI reduces the need for frequent human intervention, resulting in operational cost 

Handling complexity

Alan AI can manage tasks and workflows of any complexity, making it versatile for various use cases.

Continuous learning

AI agents built with Alan AI learn from past interactions with users, improving response accuracy over time.


The Alan Al Studio is so innovative that we are amazed by the developer-friendly tools and how easy it is to train the Al agent. We tried several different Al technologies in the market, however, we found Alan Al to be the best among them. They are not only the best technology provider but also have a dedicated team, including customer success engineers, to help the Al be integrated successfully into the app. It was a great pleasure to be able to explore their solution, we would like to collaborate with them in the future on other projects.

Nazat Chowdhury

Save the Children

MediKarma is a first-of-a-kind wellness app that uses AI to guide its users through their customized wellness journey created from thousands of data points in their EHR and smart wearables. For MediKarma, Alan AI is not only an easy-to-use AI agent, but it is also THE voice extension of our very own JILL, an artificial intelligence Avatar guiding each MediKarma user through his/her unique wellness journey. As such, we needed a precise platform, but most importantly, a flexible, dynamic, and scalable one… all elements that made Alan AI the perfect partner!

Kris Narayan


Onshore operators can now work with improved effectiveness and safety in the field with their touchless mobile applications. Intelligent AI Agents have simplified onboarding of our new operators and continues to strengthen the safety culture and enhance our operational effectiveness.

Rajesh Satewar

Murphy Oil Corp

It was amazingly simple to use the Alan AI Platform to create and deploy an intelligent AI Agent for our app. After deployment we were able to rapidly iterate on the AI Agent without having to update the app.

Axel Schoth


With Alan, we were able to create an intelligent AI Agentfor the Murphy Oil app and go live in just one week, now a finalist for the SAP Innovation Award. We chose Alan because the platform let us integrate voice directly into the app’s UI workflows and handles industry domain language accurately. No other technology on the market addresses this.

Ritesh Menon

Incture Technologies

I was able to add the business logic for the app and build a demo within a few days. There’s no way I would’ve been as quick and effective in creating an AI Agent with Alexa. I love the Alan AI Studio IDE and being able to push to production with just a button click.

Alon Raskin


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