Security by design

At Alan, we’re uncompromising on privacy.  The Alan AI Platform processes text and voice conversations in real-time and uses this data to improve the app’s experience for your users.

Contextual AI learning

Our patent-pending AI algorithms learn in real-time from your users' text and voice conversational data and context to improve the conversational experience just for your website or app.

Data privacy

While the accuracy improves, your data remains private to your app and enterprise.  In addition to offering privacy for your conversations from the get-go, we ensure that your data is encrypted both in transit and at rest.

Data security

Alan AI employs encryption, private keys, isolation of data and app execution, and leverages the secure infrastructure provided by the Alan AI Platform. We have contracted with the premier security provider, Rapid7, to conduct regular security audits of the service*.

*For the results of the most recent security audit from Rapid7, contact us at

Here’s how we do it

At Alan AI, we offer the flexibility of deploying our GenAI platform via traditional SaaS, air-gapped private clouds, or VPCs to meet diverse security and compliance requirements. Depending on the deployment model you choose:

• SaaS: Data is hosted on our secure cloud servers with encrypted data transfers and robust cybersecurity measures compliant with industry standards.
Private Cloud: Allows for physical and network isolation, providing enhanced security controls that you manage according to your internal policies and compliance needs.
Virtual Private Cloud (VPC): Combines the scalability of cloud resources with the isolation of a private environment, hosted within our infrastructure but isolated from other tenants.

Your enterprise owns the data
Your conversation experience is fully isolated in its own virtual environment
Your data is encrypted in transit and at rest
* Alan AI Platform deployment options - SaaS, Private Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)