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Touchless Mobile Apps for Oil Well Operations at Murphy Oil

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Murphy Oil Corporation is a leading energy company based in Houston, Texas, operating in the asset-intensive energy industry. The production oil wells need frequent planned and unplanned maintenance activities by their field employees. These operational field activities are essential in keeping the oil wells at targeted production capacity as well as ensure the safety and regulatory compliance of oil wells.

Murphy Oil partnered with SAP Partner Incture to build a mobile app to assign and track the completion of these activities. However, they faced the challenge of mobile employees not entering information into their apps in a timely and efficient manner safely.  The mobile app had reduced usage and engagement from employees due to the challenging nature of their work: maintaining and repairing machinery with gloves, driving from one oil well to another with a constant focus on safety and compliance

Stopping to use their existing mobile applications interrupted their daily work routine, which caused a decrease in overall technology adoption and data entry. The lack of data entry led to delays in production operations and business decisions.

Touchless, Conversational Voice in mobile applications made it easy and safe for employees to enter operations data while on the go. The solution uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to recognize unique terms and phrases specific to Oil Well operations.

Murphy Oil was able to get complete real-time visibility into their production operations and make informed business decisions quickly. After the introduction of the Alan Conversational Voice User Experience, employees’ adoption, and engagement with their mobile applications increased. 

The Murphy Oil case study video demonstrates how the Alan Voice Experience seamlessly integrates with the current Visual UI of a Field Service app in a contextual voice conversation that guides the business workflow. For the detailed Murphy Oil and Alan AI case study please review the SAP Innovation Award 2020 entry.  

Alan AI provides a complete platform for adding Conversational Voice to any mobile employee application. Conversational Voice makes field operations safer, improves operational effectiveness, and helps companies adhere to and exceed compliance standards.

Krishna Sunkammurali

VP, Growth and Adoption

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