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Alan AI Announces Full Private AI Capabilities for Enterprise GenAI Adoption

By May 20, 2024June 5th, 2024No Comments

“With our new private AI functionality, Alan AI empowers enterprises to fully harness generative AI, accelerating productivity and driving transformative insights while maintaining data sovereignty within secure environments. By leveraging rapid advancements in both open-source and closed-source Large Language Models, we ensure our customers benefit from the latest in AI technology.” 

Srikanth Kilaru, Head of Product, Alan AI

Alan AI is excited to announce that its platform is now fully available in a pure private cloud environment or a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), expanding beyond its previous SaaS offerings. As the only comprehensive platform within a private cloud setting in the market, Alan AI enables customers to build, deploy, and manage universal agents effortlessly. Our platform’s patented technology allows agents to adapt to new use cases, integrate seamlessly with private APIs and proprietary data, and deliver responses that are not only explainable and controllable but also enriched by immersive App GUI integrations, ensuring an unmatched user experience.

You can also download the Private AI white paper on our website.

Key New Features for Enterprise Adoption:

  • The entire Alan AI platform for developing, testing, deploying, and managing universal agents is now available in two configurations for fully private AI deployments –
    • Independent configuration — The AI platform can be deployed in an Independent private cloud where the entire life cycle of an agent from creation to management as well as the user data are contained inside a private cloud. 
    • Hub & Spoke configuration — In this configuration, the development, testing, deployment, and management of Agents are done from a private cloud instance designated as a ‘Hub,’ and all the other private clouds where the agents are deployed and used are designated as ‘Spokes.’
  • Complete Data Control: With our platform, every bit of enterprise data stays within the private cloud. This control is crucial for enterprises concerned with data sovereignty and privacy, as it allows them to build, deploy, and manage versatile agents without external data exposure.
  • Future-Proof Technology: The evolving landscape of Large Language Models (LLMs) presents a challenge for enterprises looking to stay current. Recent announcements, from Google Gemini, OpenAI’s GPT-4o, Anthropic Claude, Mistral to Meta’s LLama 3, highlight the need for a flexible platform. Alan AI’s platform is uniquely designed to accommodate this dynamic environment by abstracting the LLM layer. This ensures that agents and their reasoning capabilities remain effective and relevant, leveraging the updates in underlying LLM technologies.

Alan AI is setting a new standard for GenAI implementation in the enterprise sector by offering a platform that protects data integrity and adapts to technological advancements.

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