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They’re Off! The Race for Intelligent Apps has Begun!!

By December 16, 2020January 22nd, 2024No Comments

We humans constantly learn from our interactions with others and improve ourselves to be continuously successful. To improve ourselves, our brains are wired to learn from external interactions with society and its members.

In contrast, all the mobile and web applications we use today have no intelligence built into them. They are rigid and have absolutely no learning capabilities. They are revised at the pace that business owners can afford to do so. Today, in December 2020, every application comes with pre-defined functionalities and use cases, where:

  1. Application-owners expect their users to complete a set of tasks to have mobile or web experiences.
  2. Businesses learn by interacting with and researching a small sample cohort of users to revise applications capabilities.
  3. Users see revised versions of these applications at a very slow pace, with low frequency.

Learning about user experiences is very crucial for business success. However, this critical capability is incredibly slow, and the consequences of learning are even slower, especially on the bottom line.

This is destined to change in 2021.

Most learning in life takes place with conversations. In 2021, businesses’ applications will take their first steps in accelerated learning by exploiting the use of voice as a natural interface with their apps, in consonance with the AI platforms that will use voice conversations to learn and continuously improve interactions. This combination of capabilities has several significant advantages that will catalyze this uptake:

  1. Voice interactions give application owners the ability to instantly understand what users would like to do with their applications. Voice interaction processed by AI software and accompanying analytics gives application-owners instant insights into user expectations. In this environment, application-owners are not restricted to a sample of users; the entire population can be analyzed. The probability of errors is almost zero.
  2. AI platforms give us the ability to use Machine Learning or Supervised Learning to react to user needs. When the AI models are updated instantaneously, users experience outcomes instantly. The velocity, with which learning happens and change is implemented, is swift.
  3. Additionally, users can speak naturally to applications, as if speaking to another person. They are not limited to the screen sizes, navigation flows, touch and type, and other current limitations for interacting with applications. Voice gives application-owners an unlimited universe of interaction capabilities and functionalities.
  4. Moreover, it can be implemented and supported very swiftly, with limited resources. Think low cost and fast results!

At a minimum, Alan Platform is firmly committed to delivering these four benefits to application-owners.

Alan’s superior ability to enable apps to have direct human-like conversations with their users is enhanced by its Spoken Language Understanding (SLU) platform that supports unique terminologies, assists unique workflows, and promotes collective intelligence.

After deploying human-like conversations, in a few days, the Alan AI platform will be in a learning mode as soon as it is released to users. This is just the beginning. As time goes on, the application has the learning capabilities of a smart human being.

The starting gun in the ‘intelligent app race” has already gone off! The race has begun, and Alan is in the lead. The Alan Platform has thousands of developers and is in active conversations with industry segment leaders who see the promise of the technology in creating significant competitive advantages. These firms are in eCommerce, Banking, Telecommunications, Health & Wellness, Field Operations/Operational Efficiency, Customer Service, and Education/Knowledge Transfer.

If your firm and your web presence need a competitive edge, you need to join this race, with a leader who will help you distance yourself from your competition. Visit today or send me an email at

Ramu Sunkara
CEO of Alan AI

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