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The Next Generation of Healthcare Workflows: COVID-19 Rapid Assessment Tool with Voice

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COVID-19 has caught hospitals off guard. Frontline healthcare employees have been working long hours, experiencing immense workloads and coping with emotionally devastating failures while fighting for their lives. And the job unfortunately isn’t over. Though COVID-19 inpatient numbers have been decreasing since the April peak, the CDC reveals a forecast of COVID-19 hospitalization moving towards a possible new wave. Will healthcare providers be able to scale fast enough in the case of a second wave? 

According to Harvard Business Review, the current process is not sustainable. With the current challenge of hospitals needing to resume elective procedures while caring for COVID-19 patients, this process could fail and lead to fatal mistakes. In an effort to avoid this, Healthcare providers need to use the best business practices to “reinvent themselves, allocate tasks, streamline processes, and alleviate chaos.”

The current world requires new protocols to streamline the operations, automate the process, and eliminate the improvisation to allow hospitals to rapidly ramp up and down when dealing with an influx of patients. For this, AI technology is here to help!

Taking its part in process automation, Alan AI partnered with SymphonyCare, a healthcare data platform, to build a web-based easy-to-use COVID-19 Rapid Assessment Tool with a Multimodal Voice Assistant. The tool, the first of its kind with a Multimodal Voice Assistant, allows patients to describe their symptoms through a natural voice conversation so that providers can deliver timely instructions and appropriate guidance based on their reported condition. The tool follows the CDC protocols for assessment of COVID-19 symptoms and will significantly help health providers with initial patient triage and routing. 

The solution optimizes hospital resources by automating patient triage and decreasing the burden on the hospital staff, letting them focus on the cases that require immediate attention while providing patients with the most excellent experience. Moreover, it allows hospitals to successfully scale during pandemic times as well as seasonal epidemics

The online COVID-19 Rapid Assessment Tool is easy to access without the need to call a hospital. The ability to quickly complete the triage through natural voice conversation increases patient engagement and allows the early detection of symptoms while preventing the spread and complications. 

We are providing the COVID-19 Rapid Assessment Tool through our healthcare partners for deployment on the provider website as well as deep integration with provider workflows. 

Check out our video presentation at VOICE Global 2020 where we first announced this partnership HERE 👈

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