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Security by Design

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At Synqq, we ensure your data is protected and uncompromised when in transit and while at rest. Here’s how we do it:

#1: Encryption for data in transit and at rest. The data transfer from the Synqq cloud to the devices and browsers are always Transport Layer Security encrypted, commonly known as HTTPS or TLS. All data at rest is AES-256 encrypted.

#2:  Private keys for each user’s data while at rest. Each enterprise has their own unique private key which is used to secure their users data in the cloud and on their mobile device(s). The user can only access this data with authentication. If a user’s device is lost, the Synqq data on it is unreadable.

#3: Isolation of data for each set of users within a domain. Synqq’s storage architecture ensures isolation of data for each domain in the cloud. Your data is not commingled with other domains.

#4: Google Cloud Platform security. Synqq security is built on top of the robust and secure Google Cloud Platform infrastructure. In addition, Synqq supports geographic location of data (US, EU, APAC, etc.).

Synqq ensures user data is secure by using encryption, private keys for each enterprise, data isolation, and leverages the secure infrastructure provided by Google Cloud Platform.

In addition, Synqq has signed up the leading security vendor, Rapid7 to provide regular security audits of the service. For the results of the most recent security audit we have on file from Rapid7, please send an email request to




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