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Safety of Frontline Utility Workers

By May 7, 2020December 14th, 2023No Comments

In the Post COVID-19 world, every business is conscious about protecting the safety of its employees and customers. This is especially true for the Utility Industry. To this end, the new normal is a Contactless user experience for many business workflows. 

Today, Alan Conversational Voice UX can rapidly enhance a business application with Contactless user experience, enabling: 

  1. Safety for Frontline employees:  A touch-free experience guards against cross-contamination and virus infection. 
  2. Field maintenance effectiveness: Contactless UX enables the work crew to receive and upload timely work data in an environment of high temperature & voltage, even with adverse weather conditions. 
  3. Works with existing applications: Most important from an implementation viewpoint, the Contactless UX is achieved using the existing application enhanced with Alan Conversational Voice AI Platform. There is no re-design of the application to enable Contactless UX. 

With Alan, any developer can add an engaging conversational experience front-end to their app in a matter of hours. 

We invite you to lead transformation in the Utility industry with Voice in your Applications today, with the Alan Platform!



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