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Revolutionize Your App With a Single Voice Assistant Button

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For decades we had to manually click and go through multiple steps to navigate our way around applications. Take our televisions for example; we continuously use buttons on remotes to search for different settings or entertainment. Today, a different kind of button is taking over; voice interfaces have revolutionized how we interact with our applications. While watching your favorite show, you can easily switch channels or settings with a simple voice command. It cancels out the frustration, anxiety, and chaos that comes with figuring out how to use different devices. 

AI voice assistants have been an essential part of the new digital age. Like remotes, the days when we clicked countless buttons to get around are behind us. The same goes for mobile and website apps. No more will businesses need designated customer service to answer questions or have a line of users on hold. No more will enterprises need a survival guide for consumers to roam through their applications. No more will chatbots not be able to meet the needs of their customers from a couple of commands. Voice technology combats all the negatives entwined with trying to figure out any application. 

With voice assistants, gone are the days when you abandon a complex app that you do not understand. Alan provides a voice to your existing platforms, leading to increased customer loyalty and adoption of any app. With 99.5% accuracy, your voice is heard through a hands-free, easy-to-use, conversational experience.

Moreover, setting your business app up with voice recognition is easy with Alan. Our platform equips you with all the necessities needed to get your voice assistant up and running: 

  1. A developer-friendly suite of tools: Alan Studio allows you to test conversational scenarios and tailor dialogue that best suits your platform and its future production environment.  
  1.  Instant Integration for any platform: No changes need to be made to your existing application to have an intelligent voice. Add our lightweight SDK and deploy to IOS, Web, Android, and cross-platform solutions like React, Flutter, Native, Apache Cordova, or Ionic. 
  1. Advanced Conversational Analytics: Alan adds a human-like experience that detects accurate and cultivated dialogue, utterances, sequences, and behaviors when customers interact. 

Uncomplicated steps like these make it easier to say goodbye to pressing multiple buttons on your apps and hello to the most vital button of them all; the Alan button.

If you are looking for a voice-based solution for your enterprise, the team at Alan AI will be able to deliver exactly that. Email us at

Alan has patent protections for its unique contextual Spoken Language Understanding (SLU) technology to accurately recognize and understand human voice, within a given context. Alan’s SLU transcoder leverages the context to convert voice directly to meaning by using raw input from speech recognition services, imparting the accuracy required for mission-critical enterprise deployments and enabling human-like conversations, rather than robotic ones. Voice-based interactions, coupled with the ability to allow users to verify the entered details without having the system to reiterate inputs, provides an unmatched end-user experience.

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