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Ramco Systems partners with Alan AI to deploy Intelligent Voice Interfaces to 1K Enterprises

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Ramco Systems partners with Alan AI

Bolstering its enterprise applications with intelligent voice interfaces SUNNYVALE, CA 94582, USA, March 29, 2022 / — 

Alan AI, a Silicon Valley company enabling the next generation of voice interfaces for Enterprise Apps, has announced a strategic partnership with Ramco Systems1, a leading global cloud enterprise software provider, to embed intelligent voice interfaces for its enterprise offerings. In its initial stages of partnership, the organizations will primarily focus on building business use cases for the Aviation, Aerospace & Defense sector, followed by use cases for other industry verticals.

Ramco Systems offers an integrated and smart platform engineered to develop robust and scalable solutions, thereby offering a competitive edge to its end users. By embedding Alan AI’s voice interface, Ramco’s customers will be able to interact with their applications with natural human language and receive intelligent responses for daily workflows. Features such as accuracy of understanding spoken language, synchronization of voice with existing graphical interfaces, and a hands-free app experience will truly delight the user- from the very first interaction. Voice Assistant will drive smoother app onboarding, higher user engagement and scale adoption and loyalty.

Commenting on the partnership, Ramesh Sivasubramanian, Vice-President – Technology & Innovation, Ramco Systems, said, “Voice recognition is a maturing technology and has been witnessing huge adoption socially, in our day-to-day personal lives. However, its importance in enterprise software has been a real breakthrough and a result of multitudinous innovations. We are excited to enable clients with this voice user interface along with Alan AI, thereby ensuring a futuristic digital enterprise”.

“We are so excited to be able to help support Ramco’s applications and empower their customers with intelligent voice interfaces. Our advanced Voice AI Platform enables enterprises to deploy and manage intelligent and contextual voice interfaces for their Applications in days, not months/ years” said Blake Wheale, Chief Revenue Officer, Alan AI. “This partnership is a great testament of how voice can support a vision of a hands free, productive and safe environment for humans”.
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