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Keeping 2021 New Year’s Resolutions with an AI Personal Trainer

By December 30, 2020No Comments

People around the world are ready to refocus on fitness in 2021 after almost a year of staying home and social distancing. However, the vast majority of individuals fail to accomplish their yearly goals. According to U.S. News & World Report, 80 percent of people don’t achieve their New Year’s resolutions. Another obstacle is the ongoing pandemic, which will most likely limit the use of personal trainers and gyms for the foreseeable future.

Voice assistant technology can help resolution-makers overcome these challenges and stick to their new routines. A voice assistant can be easily integrated into wellness applications to provide a motivational element to home fitness. It acts as an AI personal trainer that uses conversation to not only help users reach their goals but also maintain long-term healthy lifestyles.

Voice Assistant Integration 

Trying out a wellness app can be frustrating. After all, exercising and eating well is difficult enough without struggling with a new app interface. Virtual assistants make this process simpler and more personalized by giving a voice to your fitness app’s features. They can help track sleep schedules, schedule workout routines and breaks, monitoring hydration levels, log progress, and more. 

Users can engage in natural discussions with the integrated assistant about these features and metrics. For instance, they could ask the virtual assistant how hydrated they are and it could respond with their hydration percentage and how much more water they should drink that day. Users can also chat with the assistant about their daily nutrition and which areas of their diet to improve. In short, virtual assistants elevate your fitness app with voice. 

Motivation and Engagement   

What sets a health app with a voice assistant apart from competitors is its ability to maintain user engagement. Using human-like conversation, it provides encouragement that goes beyond bland text notifications. Users benefit from the convenience that a health app provides without sacrificing the conversational feel of in-person interactions. 

Voice assistants use a friendly tone to motivate users to keep their New Year’s resolutions. They can support people throughout their health journeys by reminding them of their goals, providing encouragement during workouts, and communicating their progress. They can also give users voice notifications that keep them on track by alerting them to things such as a live workout starting in 15 minutes or a reminder to drink water. 

The Future of Home Fitness

Voice assistants can inspire users to reach their health goals. They keep them engaged by personalizing the experience and bridging the communication gap between them and the app. Connect with Alan AI to find out how to simply integrate a voice assistant into your fitness app to motivate users to keep their New Year’s resolutions in 2021.

Once social distancing measures are lifted, people will be able to return to gyms and in-person personal trainers. However, remote work and virtual lifestyles have become ubiquitous. Home fitness is the new normal and personalized motivation is key, making voice assistant technology an important feature of wellness apps both now and in the future.

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