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How to Scale App Adoption and Loyalty with Intelligent Voice Interfaces

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We are transitioning into a world where our digital experiences will be shaped with the help of voice. Marketers should find ways to come up with voice interfaces at various touchpoints in a mobile application or website. 35% of US adults own a smart speaker, up from zero at the beginning of 2015. 

The fast-paced voice adoption is a huge opportunity for marketers. Making users choose voice isn’t a big deal as most of them carry smart phones equipped with a microphone. All that they need to do is extend the current features to a voice app. 

How Can Voice Apps Scale App Adoption and Customer Loyalty?

  1. Understands their Intent

43% users aged between 16 and 64 use voice search and voice commands extensively. Voice apps have already processed millions of real-world conversations, and have a deep understanding of natural language. Customers can speak naturally and freely. Advanced Voice interfaces will be able to understand a wide range of natural speech nuances, understand their internet and save time. Triggering the wrong intent will give out wrong information to customers. Internet trends report says that internet voice searches were mostly done using natural conversational language. Voice AI should be designed in such a way that it will understand the natural conversational flow. 

  1. Creates Greater Empathy:

When customers connect with a brand on a deeper level, they feel understood, and that helps with building a connection. Through voice, brands can come across as relatable, empathetic, and honest. The pitch and tonality combine to become the brand’s voice. A recent study by Apple says that voice assistants which mimic the conversational style of humans are considered more likable and trustworthy. 

Brands need to invest in creating voice interfaces which reflect the unique aspects of their customers. Communication these days has become even more personalized through Account-Based Marketing (ABM). Here, deep knowledge of the prospective customer is formed through data and analytics, your voice AI can be designed to reflect the data. 

  1. Creates Authentic Experiences:

Voice interfaces should be designed to reflect the values and mission of the company. It will make the users feel as if you are being authentic with them. Provide truly conversational voice experiences to your users, we are not referring to bot interactions. 

Your users should forget that they are talking to an AI machine, and believe that they are interacting with the most helpful sales rep in your team. It will help foster a relationship for which the customers will keep coming back. 

  1. Proactively Provides Customer-Centric Updates

Communicating with customers at the right time is important. For example, the addition of a new favorite item on a restaurant menu or the new dress line available in the style preferred by the customer. Also, calls to confirm deliveries and order status updates translates into happy customers who will want to stay with you. 

  1. Simplifies Onboarding Process

Onboarding a new customer is the first opportunity for a brand to delight them. It is imperative that you provide a smooth onboarding process. The more difficult it is to use an app, the higher are the chances that they will abandon ship.

One of the most effective ways to simplify user onboarding is to reduce the innumerable steps that are necessary to create user accounts. Voice interfaces can solve this by making the customer register with their voice. Every time they try to log in, all they need to do is use their voice. 

The Wrap

Personalized Voice Interfaces which interact with your customers like normal conversations will be able to increase customer adoption and loyalty. To increase customer and scale app adoption with the help of voice requires work. Your voice engine’s user interface should be conversational, responsive, and offer frictionless experiences. It should also be capable of providing fast and accurate responses. 

If you are looking for a voice-based solution to increase customer loyalty and app adoption, the team at Alan AI will be able to deliver exactly that. 

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