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Future of Voice in Enterprise

By November 15, 2017January 30th, 2020One Comment

We talk with our co-workers, customers, partners, and other stakeholders in business every day. In every meeting, whether in-person, web conference or over the phone, we use voice as the primary medium of communication. Be it project meetings, sales calls, support calls or interviews, precious information is contained in these conversations. Today, most of this information is lost, as it is neither feasible nor practical to capture voice conversations with existing technology. And even if we are able to capture the voice conversations, we can’t search what is inside them, we can’t see who said what, and we can’t get to the key moments. Have you ever tried to find a single sentence from an hour-long recording? Voice conversations are like dark matter.

Why? First, it isn’t easy to handle voice in all situations, and the devices we use to capture voice determines the quality. For the right quality, voice needs to be handled differently in all kinds of conversations. It’s easy to capture voice in a Web Conference, but how can it be done for in-person meetings or phone calls? Once voice is captured, how can we uniquely identify each speaker? How can we make sure each speaker’s voice is heard equally well?

Second, transforming voice into a visual, searchable stream of information is hard. The words we use in our conversations depend on the context. They also depend on our business domain. For example, the word “checkin” in software context means putting software in a repository, but in airline context, it is two words “check-in”. The intent and entities are different based on the context, user, and the domain. And each of us pause differently between our sentences, that makes it hard to segment speech into sentences.

At Synqq, we have pioneered new technology to handle voice in all situations and have made seminal advancements in Natural Language Processing — that is going to change the way we handle voice conversations in the enterprise. The current era of infinite computing makes it affordable. Voice conversations will no longer be the dark matter of the past. Voice conversations can become the searchable record for every enterprise.

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