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Era of Infinite Computing

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We’re living in the era of Infinite Computing with the creation of Cloud Platforms like AmazonGoogle, and Microsoft. Our daily lives are transformed by services like GoogleFacebook, and Uber. The phone revolution leverages the cloud services to talk to anyone on the planet, get to any place, order anything, and get entertained without taking up all your storage. These services are at the forefront of the future services to come in the era of Infinite Computing.

Why is it so important? As we enter into the era of Infinite Computing, technology companies will be able to build sophisticated AI models to organize, classify, and predict things that are limited only by our imagination. For example, the 1.3 trillion pictures we took on our phones in the last one year are automatically organized and classified by the social networks.  The transportation industry has been transformed by services like UberLyft, and Didi, and in the future, we will see fleets of self-driving vehicles feasible only in the era of Infinite Computing. Every industry will be transformed in the era of Infinite Computing.

What can the era of Infinite Computing do for our daily work? Can it save us from the daily chores of capturing all the information we need and organize it for us? And enable us to recall the snippet that matters at any time with a tap or by using voice? Can we gain superhuman memory for ourselves and our teams? We believe all this is possible. This era of Infinite Computing enables us to develop personalized machine learning models to do all the heavy lifting so we and our teams can achieve superhuman things.


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