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Congratulations to the winners of the Alan Voice AI Hackathon!

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During the first two weeks of July, Alan AI hosted the World’s first Hackathon for Voice-enabled Applications and we’ve been very impressed by the innovative ideas and the incredible submissions that we’ve seen in this worldwide voice tech event! Today we are thrilled to announce the winners of our first Voice AI Hackathon.

But first. A big thank you from us to everyone for participating!

Before we announce the results, we genuinely appreciate the developers who took part and worked hard for this hackathon. We are excited to see the positive influence and changes that they all contribute to the bettering of our community with these technological innovations. We received submissions ranging from apps providing solutions in the healthcare industry to e-commerce and educational platforms!

Let’s mention the prizes for our Winners!

Top three voice-enabled apps will be awarded:

  • 1st place: $500 
  • 2nd place: $250 
  • 3rd place: $100

With that, congratulations to the winners of the 2020 Alan Voice AI Hackathon!

Our Winners (Drumroll please… )

🏆 1st Place: HomeClass

Winner: Naga Raghav Sreeram

The HomeClass project is a community-powered and voice-enabled platform that allows anyone to host and join classes (coding, fitness, dance, yoga,…etc) with voice. HomeClass aims to bring people back together once again through common interests and shared passions in the midst of the pandemic. In order to make a website that is truly accessible to all ages, Raghav wanted to make sure the most vulnerable population in these times, senior citizens and kids, are  able to use it without any issues. Raghav found that Alan Voice AI brings the website one step closer to this goal. By integrating Alan’s unique voice recognition button, the whole website and functionality can be accessible through voice alone. Users can find classes they like, navigate the website, and join a class through voice interactions with the Alan button. 

Congratulations Naga Raghav Sreeram! 

🏆 2nd Place: Epley Project

Winner: Nick George-Jones

The Epley Project used Alan to provide vertigo patients voice guidance while completing a standard exercise to relieve their symptoms. COVID-19 led many clinics to cancel appointments for vestibular therapy, and to help address this Nick created a website in March to guide their patients through one of the more common exercises to treat vertigo. While the website on its own was helpful, the patients had to keep the phone in their hand and their eyes focused on the screen. This makes it difficult to complete the exercises correctly, since the head needs to be at certain orientations relative to gravity in order for the exercise to work properly. By enabling the website with Alan, the user can now simply lay their phone down next to them, and rely on the voice guidance to proceed through the exercises. It is coordinated with the website, so the patients can always look at their phone briefly to check their position.

Congratulations Nick George-Jones!

🏆 3rd Place: Tales

Team: Narrators

Winners: Krisha Shah, Nisarg Sheth, Aditya Baxi

The Tales project aims to provide educational solutions for children. The Narrators developed a website called Tales, a voice-enabled library to help non-English speaking or visually impaired children listen to stories/fables and learn life lessons. Additional teachings are added at the end of each story discussing the morals, wisdom, courtesy, and knowledge behind the tale. Amazing job! Furthermore, this innovation assists people with sensational disabilities in general with AI assistance as a support to narrate stories/short tales to their kids. 

Congratulations Narrators!

Thank you all so much again for joining us in celebrating these amazing developers and their voice projects! If you joined us in the hackathon and had a great time working with Alan, or are inspired by the innovations you see here, we’d love to see your start your own voice project on Alan Studio. We also would love to get hackathon participant feedback so that we can keep hosting more of these events – making them bigger and better for you!

Looking forward to seeing what you all can build with Alan!

— The Alan Team

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