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Central Square Technologies – #1 Public Safety Vendor

By April 18, 2019December 14th, 2023No Comments
CentralSquare A New Industry Leader

We attended CentralSquare 2019 and learned the nature of the Public Safety market and the current state of the products.  Central Square Technologies (CST) is the #1 Public Safety player in the US and Canada by the above statistics. We were able to interact with the leaders at CST: Simon Angove (CEO), Jatin Atre (CMO), and Steve Seoane (EVP) to get a pulse on their vision for the future. We also had the ability to interact with some of the 300+ employees of CST,  a few of the 575 Public Safety Agencies and the 1300+ Public Safety Professionals attending the annual event.

The following are some key facts we learned about the daily lives of the First Responders.

  • A 1-second decrease in response time translates to saving 10,000 lives.
  • Distracted driving is a major cause of the fatalities among First Responders.

The Alan Safety solution was developed as a reference application to integrate with Public Safety CAD deployments from CST and other vendors. Alan Safety brings Voice Interface to first responder applications so that they can interact in a handsfree mode to get all the data a few seconds faster while on the go, thereby decreasing the fatalities and the response time of First Responders.

Alan is delighted to have the opportunity to bring its state-of-the-art Voice Interface to the daily lives of the 2.25M First Responders in the US. We are looking forward to working with Central Square Technologies to further their vision of building safer and smarter communities.  CST was formed by the merger of Tritech, Superion, and Zuercher,  with the investments from Bain Private Equity and Vista Equity Partners. All these companies have pioneered solutions for Public Safety market over the last three decades.

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