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Alan Safety™ is the world’s first Visual Voice Solution for First Responders

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Alan was recently mentioned as the top voice solution for first responders in an article from VOICE Summit, leading voice blog and host of the yearly VOICE Summit Event.

Police, firefighters, and paramedics are always on the go and need a solution that keeps them up to date on incidents they’re responding to, all hands-free, with the ability to show visuals and drill through multiple screens quickly.

Alan was selected as the voice solution to accomplish this — but why Alan over big tech companies like Amazon, Google, or Apple?

Alan is the only voice company that offers a fully integrated voice experience to any existing application. Public Safety professionals have been using Mobile and Desktop apps for years, and have multi-step, complex workflows that they use to get all the information they need when addressing a 911 call. Alan facilitates these workflows using “visual voice synchronization”: when users give voice commands, Alan changes the screen to what the user requests and also highlights relevant information. At each step of the workflow, Alan recognizes what the user is viewing and adjusts accordingly for better voice responses.

feature-illustration-03@2xOther solutions do not have a visual experience, and ones that do require that visuals and information be imported into their application instead, which cut off multi-step workflows and also requires the ‘importing’ of visuals and data at each step. For enterprises, this is costly, slows down the development process, and dilutes their branded experience. Alan leverages everything, including existing visuals and data, without requiring any rebuilding.

And because of the sensitive nature of the information that Public Safety professionals work with, they also needed a private and secure solution that is compliant with the standards they already have in place. Alan was the only voice solution that was able to do this, as all data is encrypted and isolated within their own app and in the cloud.

In Public Safety there’s several phrases and jargon like “10-100”, “BOLO”, “L002”. These are what are part of a Domain Language Model, or a set of terms and phrases specific to one enterprise. Alan specializes in training off of any enterprise’s Domain Language Model using Machine Learning, which betters the ability to respond correctly to any given voice command.

A full visual voice experience in existing apps combined with secure, and enterprise level Machine Learning makes Alan an attractive solution for businesses looking to voice enable without losing the control of their brand, experience, or workflows.

Read the full article from VOICE Summit here to see how Alan is changing the Public Safety industry with voice.

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