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Alan partners with SAP to provide Visual Voice experience for Enterprises

By May 2, 2019December 14th, 2023No Comments

Alan partners with SAP to usher the Visual Voice experience for enterprise applications. Recently we took SAP Cloud SDK for iOS and integrated Alan with one of the sample applications “SAP Deliveries” in a few steps. Users can now talk to the mobile application using natural voice commands like “Show me all the phones” or “Show me phones that cost less than $500”, etc. without having to touch or type on their devices. Voice responses are synchronized with the visual elements in the SAP Deliveries application. Alan uses Spoken Language Understanding(SLU) for voice (unlike text-based NLP) and leverages any application’s visual and dialog context to provide the next-generation visual voice experiences. You can find more details about the future Visual Voice experience using Alan for SAP applications here.

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