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Alan Q1 2020 Business Update

By May 7, 2020December 14th, 2023No Comments

The world is going to change forever post COVID-19. We are preparing Alan for the emerging transformation by enabling Voice in every application.  

In Q1, we’ve significantly improved our product, the Alan Platform, a self-service technology platform within easy reach of every developer using any application platform. With Alan, any developer can add an engaging conversational experience front-end to their app in a matter of hours. 

Our vision is to provide a natural, multi-modal experience between humans and the software they use daily in enterprises. 

In the last quarter, we’ve made significant progress in deploying and partnering with key thought leaders across industries:

  1. We saw new industries such as Utilities, Healthcare, and others start to deploy voice experiences in their daily use applications with the Alan Platform.
  2. We entered a strategic partnership with SAP Partner Utegration, a full-service SAP consulting and solutions company focused exclusively on utilities with Alan conversational voice experiences for field service processes.
  3. We’ve deployed the Alan Platform in the Energy industry at Murphy Oil, and our solution made it to the final round of the SAP Innovation Awards 2020

We have also engaged with key partners in the healthcare industry to:

  1. Increase patient engagement and triage to enhance the effectiveness of hospital staff during the current COVID-19 pandemic. 
  2. Make it easy for post-discharge follow-ups with patients by using a conversational voice experience that reduces the workload of the hospital staff in these trying times. 
  3. Provide a conversational voice experience to the provider assessment survey given to patients post-discharge. 

We invite you to lead transformation in your industry with Voice in your Applications today, with the Alan Platform!

The Alan Team

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