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Alan presents the worlds 1st Voice Interface for SAP at SAPPHIRENOW

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Alan AI is the only platform to have enabled an SAP application to have a voice interface, understand the meaning of natural voice conversations like we humans do while providing the right visuals for the application along with the voice responses. Unlike Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, Alan works within the context of the enterprise business applications.

SAP’s current solutions offer touch and type experiences for their Mobile Applications and SAP CoPilot. Their digital assistant, CoPilot, provides a unique interface for upcoming SAP chatbots, while their bot building platform allows the creation and maintenance of powerful conversational interfaces under their unit SAP Conversational AI (CAI).

Alan has developed the world’s first Spoken Language Understanding (SLU) technology to handle the noisy nature of human conversations and to find sentence ends which are hard to delineate. The SLU uses patented probabilistic model (unlike dependency parse trees used for text-based NLP) that leverages the context to determine the words and meaning. Our vision is to enable users to interact with business applications using natural voice interface as we do in daily life.

Alan is demonstrating the Visual Voice experience to SAP Mobile Applications at 2019 SAPPHIRE NOW. Find out more details about the Visual Voice experience you can create for SAP Applications with Alan here. Contact @Ramu Sunkara to meet in person at Orlando from May 6th – 9th.

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