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Alan Q1 2020 Product Update

By April 20, 2020December 14th, 2023No Comments

Hello all,

I hope you’ve all been well. In Q1 the Alan Platform progressed with more improved Spoken Language Understanding and faster debugging of your conversational voice scripts. Here is our new video with an overview of the Alan Platform. Below are key updates:


Spoken Language Understanding (SLU)

We’ve upgraded our SLU model performance and handling of accents, noise, and industry-specific terms, including improvements to speech-to-text recognition hints for each context for higher accuracy. The VM Sandbox infrastructure has also been improved and we plan to release usage limits to support Free Plans in Q2 for each Alan Project.


Debugging Conversational Voice Experiences

Now you’re able to filter logs for a given user session and break down the intents, phrases, entities, dialogs, and patterns that were used.


Within Alan Studio, you can now select options to both record user intent as well as get in-app showing where users made a given command.

  • To access these options, open the Embed menu and toggle “Take screenshots” and “Record intent audio”.
  • Once this data is starting to be recorded, you can view it in the Logs for your Project.
  • The new upgraded SDKs give us the ability to record and play user audio input to troubleshoot failed conversations.
  • You’ll be able to see screenshots for your iOS and Android app deployments.


We’ve vastly improved the analytics which can be viewed directly in your project. This includes the number of interactions, microphone uptime, user sessions, and a map with user locations which can be viewed across different time periods.


Login and Billing

We’ve added Google Login capabilities for convenience. Now, you can log in using your Google Account. In addition to credit cards, you can now pay with PayPal when you sign up or add interactions to your account.


Alan SDKs

All Alan SDKs have been updated to support the functionality mentioned above. If you have not done so already, update your Alan SDKs to use these features!

Alan Playground

We’ve updated the visuals in Alan Playground for iOS and Android and added more sample projects to test. Download from the App Store here or the Google Play Store here.



Upgraded documentation significantly with more in-depth guides on Building, Testing, Deploying, and Managing a voice assistant for your application. Take a look at our Getting Started guide here.


For questions or issues, join our Slack channel or email We look forward to see what you will create with the Alan Platform.

The Alan Team

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