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Incture and Alan partnership: Bringing Voice AI to Field Asset Management

By March 13, 2020December 14th, 2023No Comments

Co-founder and CEO of Alan Ramu Sunkara, sat down to talk about how Alan and Incture are bringing the world’s first conversational voice experience to field asset management.

Together, Incture and Alan have deployed touchless mobile field asset management in the Energy industry with the Murphy Oil IOP application for Oil Well operations. This solution is now a finalist for the 2020 SAP Innovation Award.

Touchless, Conversational Voice in mobile applications make it easy and safe for employees to enter operations data while on the go. The solution uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to recognize unique terms
and phrases specific to Oil Well operations with Alan’s proprietary Language Understanding Models.

After the introduction of the Conversational Voice User Experience, employees adoption and engagement with their mobile applications increased. This led to an increase in revenue, productivity, and operational effectiveness. As a result of this deployment, Murphy Oil was able to get complete real time visibility into their production operations and make informed business decisions quickly.

Field Asset Management Operations can benefit with hands-free:

  • Check-ins when employees start work
  • Task management
  • Communication to other employees in the field using voice comments
  • Onboarding for new employees on proper procedures and protocol
  • Training for existing employees on new processes

Learn more about the Incture and Alan Touchless Mobile solution for Murphy Oil here.

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