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Alan AI brings intelligent Voice Interface User Experience to Ramco Systems

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Ramco Systems partners with Alan AI

Voice is no longer just for consumers. Alan’s Voice Assistants deployed in Ramco’s key enterprise business applications scale user productivity and deliver ROI. 

Alan AI and global enterprise software provider Ramco Systems have announced a key partnership to deploy in-app voice assistants for key applications. In its initial stages of partnership, the organizations will primarily focus on building business use cases for Ramco’s Aviation, and Aerospace & Defense sector, followed by those for other industry verticals including Global Payroll and HR, ERP, and Logistics.

Alan’s voice assistant technology works seamlessly with Ramco’s applications, as a simple overlay over the existing UI.  Alan provides enterprise grade accuracy of understanding spoken language for daily operations, synchronization of voice with existing graphical interfaces, and a hands-free app experience which will truly delight the user, from the very first interaction. Alan’s Voice UX also enables rapid and continuous iterations based on real-time user feedback via the analytics feature- a huge improvement over the painstakingly slow process of software development and release cycles for graphical user interfaces. Alan’s AI rapidly learns the nuances of the app’s domain language and can be deployed in a matter of days. 

 Commenting on the Alan AI-Ramco partnership, Ramesh Sivasubramanian, Vice-President – Technology & Innovation, Ramco Systems, said, “Voice recognition is a maturing technology and has been witnessing huge adoption socially, in our day-to-day personal lives. However, its importance in enterprise software has been a real breakthrough and a result of multitudinous innovations. We are excited to enable clients with this voice user interface along with Alan AI, thereby ensuring a futuristic digital enterprise”.

Alan’s voice interface leverage the user context and existing UI of applications, a key to understanding responses for next-gen human voice conversations. Alan has patent protections for its unique contextual Spoken Language Understanding (SLU) technology to accurately recognize and understand human voice, within a given context. Alan’s SLU transcoder leverages the context to convert voice directly to meaning by using raw input from speech recognition services, imparting the accuracy required for mission-critical enterprise deployments and enabling human-like conversations, rather than robotic ones. Voice based interactions, coupled with the ability to allow users to verify the entered details without having the system to reiterate inputs, provides an unmatched convenient end-user experience.

Maintenance, Repair, and Operation (MRO) employees in aviation and other industries increasingly use mobile and other device-based apps to plan projects, write reports based on their observations, research repair issues, and write logs to databases etc. This is exactly where Alan’s voice interface can help- with a hands-free option to increase productivity and support safety, thereby eliminating the distraction of touch and type while working on a task.

For example, Alan’s intelligent voice interface responds to spoken human language commands such as:

User: “Hey Alan, can you help me record a discrepancy?”

Alan: “Hi Richard, sure! Navigating to the ‘Discrepancy Screen’.”

User: “Enter description- ‘Motor damage’.”

Alan: “Updated ‘Motor damaged’ in the description field”

User: “Enter corrective action- ‘Motor replaced’.”

Alan: “Updated ‘Motor replaced’ in corrective action field.”

User: “Set action as closed.”

Alan: “Updated ‘Closed’ in quick action field.”

User: “Go ahead and record the discrepancy.”

Alan: “Sure, Richard. Creating the discrepancy… You’re done. Discrepancy has been registered against the task. Please review this at the bottom of the screen.”

Alan enables friendly conversations between humans and software. It helps to create outstanding outcomes by allowing users to go hands-free as well as  error-free with the ability to instantly review generated actions.

 Alan plans to continuously augment the voice experience to improve employee productivity with voice in their daily operations. Voice can now support a vision of a hands free, productive, and safe environment for humans.

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