Voice Experience Challenge 2020

Bring a Voice Assistant to Life in your favorite App


This challenge has ended. More events coming in 2021

Submission Deadline


Submission date has passed

Envision a Voice Experience for any existing mobile application and create the ideal voice user flow using the Alan VideoTool.

The Alan VideoTool lets you see your voice experience in action (no coding required).

Through research and the exploration of use cases for voice assistants in existing apps, you’ll realize the countless solutions that voice assistants can offer for applications in any industry.

You’ll receive guidance and support from Alan AI’s voice experts and UX designers to help you solve a real-world problem by enabling voice and a seamless user experience. We are incredibly excited to see what voice solutions you create!

Winners of the Voice Experience Challenge 2020

1st place

Esteban Barrios

Map My Run x Spotify

Fitness & Music Use Case 1:18


F&B Use Case 1:29

Google Analytics

Data Analytics Use Case

5st place

Kartikay Jhunjhunwala


E-commerce Use Case 1:18

5th place

Divyansh Chaurasia

OYO Rooms

Hospitality Use Case 1:49

Participation Prizes and Benefits

  • Top submissions will be awarded cash prizes and will be featured.
    • $300 – 1st | $200 – 2nd | $100 – 3rd | $100 – 4th | $100 – 5th
  • Certificates will be given to all participants.
  • Network with Alan leaders, designers, & developers from around the world!
  • Discover how voice assistants can enhance any application experience. 

Challenge Rules

  • Participants need to fill in the VXC20 Registration form before submitting the video.
  • Video submissions have to be between 30 seconds and 3 minutes.
  • Teams can have a maximum of 3 members.

Submission Requirements

Post your video submission on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram and include:

  • a short description of your use case;
  • the hashtag #VXC20; and
  • tag @alanvoiceai.

Accept the Challenge

01. Sign up

Fill in the VXC20 registration form and receive a confirmation email with exclusive access to the Alan VideoTool.

02. Create your Voice Experience

Take a look at our VideoTool examples and resources provided on this page and get started with the VideoTool video creator on Alan Studio.

03. Submit

Submit your completed video on social media following the submission requirements.


What is Alan AI?

Alan AI is a platform that offers developers of any skill level to embed a conversational user experience into their existing application in a matter of days without doing any cloud or AI work. By deploying a voice assistant with Alan, developers can offer their app users a complete, hands-free experience with seamless transition. 

Here is a short video about Alan: Alan Platform Brief Overview

What apps can be used for this challenge?

Any existing mobile application is accepted for this challenge, whether created by you or one found in the mobile app store.

How will the submissions be evaluated?

Quality of the Voice Experience — Includes creativity and must be solving a problem or pain point in your chosen application.

Implementation of the Idea — Creating a video that presents a robust workflow within the application using voice. The extent of the multi-modal (visual and voice coordination) experience implemented.

Potential Value — What is the extent to which the app provides value to the users? Is voice a necessity for the application or just a nice feature?

Examples made with the Alan VideoTool

Simple: Fasting & Meal Tracker | Health & Fitness Use Case 0:25

What To Expect | Health & Wellness Use Case 0:58

GAP | eCommerce Use Case 0:38

Voice Experience Challenge 2020

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