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The Alan Button can be customized to fit any color scheme. By default, the Alan Button is blue, but if the default color doesn't fit the color scheme of your site or application you can easily change it in Alan Studio.

How to customize the Alan Button colors

  1. Open "Embed Code" page in your Alan Project:
  2. On the "Embed Code" page click the "Change Button Style" button:
  3. In the "Button Style" choose the needed colors for each of the Alan Button's states. The Alan Button has four states:
  4. Idle: the default state of the Alan Button
  5. Listening: this state is applied when Alan waits for the user's speech
  6. Processing: this state is applied when Alan is analyzing the users' input
  7. Speaking: this state is applied when Alan speaks back to the user
  1. Save your changes:

The Alan Button can have different colors depending on the platform: Web, iOS, and Android. Also, different colors can be used for different environments: Developing, Testing, and Production.