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Alan Flutter Framework

Available on Android and iOS platforms.

The Alan Flutter plugin helps you to integrate your voice experience and Alan Studio script into your Flutter app

Getting Started

  1. Add Alan Voice dependency to your app

    Your pubspec.yaml file:

        sdk: flutter
        alan_voice: 2.0.3
  2. Clone the Alan Flutter sample application repository
  3. Open ShrineApp from examples folder in Android Studio
  4. Open main.dart file.

    First add alan_voice package dependency

    import 'package:alan_voice/alan_voice.dart';
  5. Locate the MyButtonState class and add this code snippet right at the top of it:

      bool _enabled = true; //start button state
      void _initAlanButton() async {
        //init Alan with sample project id
        setState(() {
          _enabled = false;
  6. Now, we need to modify main widget. Locate this section of the code:

    Text(displayedString, style: TextStyle(fontSize: 40.0)),

    and replace it with:

    Text("Alan voice example", style: TextStyle(fontSize: 40.0)),
  7. Next, locate the section of code in the RaisedButton widget params:

    onPressed: onPressOfButton

    and replace it with:

    onPressed: _initAlanButton

That's it. Now run your app and press the button!