Pokemon GO confirms mobile era is 100x faster

Pokémon GO is not only the world’s hottest on-line game experience, but harbinger of the next great tech era.

Pokémon GO has invaded nearly every aspect of our lives with elements like Gyms, PokéStops, Incense, Lucky eggs, Lures, Levels, and characters like Pikachu, Eevee, Ditto, and Electabuzz.  It is an augmented reality game that smartly leverages the social, location and commercial context of the real world

But what makes Pokemon GO remarkable, even historic, is that it reached 500M downloads in September 2016, just three months after its initial launch date. That is a jaw-dropping adoption rate – indeed one that is probably without precedent in human history. By comparison, the previous benchmark, Facebook, took a comparatively pokey 6 years to get to 500M users, and, with the help of mobile, took another 2 years to get its next 500M users.

So what made it possible for a game that is a comparatively ancient 20 years old to suddenly surpass Twitter in terms of daily users, and outperform massive applications such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, virtually overnight?


Three things:

CONTEXT – Pokemon Go is embedded in the real world. If you’re at a park, bugs and different grass types will appear on your smartphone. If you are by a lake, water Pokémon become much more prevalent.  This natural world context gives a more authentic and relevant experience.

EVERYDAY activities – Pokémon GO takes advantage of stuff people do naturally, like walking from place to place, in their everyday lives. PokéStops are massively important to the game, and it’s wonderful to see kids getting up and out of their rooms and moving around again instead of sitting in front of a game console. The game works with daily activity.

PERSONAL use gets better with COLLABORATION – You can play the game alone. Or you can compete with others in a friendly, non-threatening environment. And the numbers show that people love it. Pokémon GO is fun just by itself and gets more interesting as more people play the game.

Pokémon GO is undeniably a social explosion of epic proportions. Augmented Reality – the marrying real world information with mobile and then augmenting that experience – is surely here to stay. People can travel the real world and have a blast catching critters. The fact that these Pokémon can be found on the sidewalk in front of your home or at your local church makes for some real, practical fun.

The Synqq team is excited to see the impact created by leveraging context, every day activities – that is fun for single user, yet gets better with a group in the gaming world. We all stand at the dawn of an exciting new era of mobile experiences – one that promises a 100x leap in the quality of those experiences.

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